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Agm / Gel Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 12v 220ah Vrla Batteries

chất lượng tốt Pin Chu trình Khoáng sản Chu trình Deep giảm giá
chất lượng tốt Pin Chu trình Khoáng sản Chu trình Deep giảm giá
Champion is always doing professional VRLA business with our company,myself will be very happy to introduce you for the Champion Batteries !

—— Santiago Vidal

It's our great pleasure to let all the friends to know Champion,as we have co-operated with them for past 9 years,quality and effective are the truth!

—— Sergei Milyoshin

How is Champion Battery ? we'd like to say,Champion is the best vendor we already had in our database ! why not try ? would not let you down.

—— Daniela Lange

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Agm / Gel Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 12v 220ah Vrla Batteries

Trung Quốc Agm / Gel Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 12v 220ah Vrla Batteries nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  Agm / Gel Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 12v 220ah Vrla Batteries

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: Champion
Chứng nhận: CE ; UL
Model Number: 6FM220

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 50
Giá bán: negotiation
Packaging Details: Carton box
Delivery Time: 25 days
Payment Terms: 30% in advance
Supply Ability: 500,000 pieces per month
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
Model Name: 6FM220 Size: 522*238*218 mm
Voltage: 12V Terminal: M8
Capacity: 220AH Color: black
Weight: 62 kg Application: Solar,UPS,Inverter

Agm / Gel Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 12v 220ah Vrla Batteries
Feature of  Battery

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
lead acid battery plant
Nominal Voltage:
Nominal Capacity:
Battery type:
sealed lead acid battery or Gel
Case material:
Terminal Type:
Warranty : 2 years Usage:
Solar, UPS, EPS, wind system

Features & Benefits

  1. Gelled electrolyte by the high-tech gelled electrolyte, gel battery is completely leakproof and spillproof for easy installation in virtually any position even under water. It eliminates ultra deep discharge and acid stratification damage.

  2. Critical pressure control valve maintains critical internal pressure while safety expelling excess gas generated during overcharging, for longer battery life. 100% tested for highest performance.

  3. Brushed plate lugs provide the benefits. Low-resistance straps with outstanding lug-to-knit and eliminate dropped and loose plates that reduce performance and shorten battery life.

  4. Heavy-duty plates with high density and deep cycle oxide active materials, advanced grid alloy for superior deep-cycle and float performance in the most demanding applications.

  5. Be good at recovery from deep discharge Gelled battery has a tight structure and resulting in the excellent recovery from deep discharge characteristics.

  6. Completely maintenance-free use the “recombination” technique to replaces the oxygen and hydrogen normally lost in a met cell. Particularly in deep cycle applications (normally use the wet battery), and offer a really maintenance free battery.

  7. Tank formed plates offer optimum computerized formation, additional quality control and improved voltage matching.

  8. Well low temperature performance, even at very low temperature the gelled electrolyte will not be frozen and provide a well performance. Gel battery is well suited to low temperature applications.

  9. Superior life. The Seiden gelled battery maintains a long cycle and float life, provide a lowest cost per month or lowest per cycle.


1. Could you do OEM?
    Yes, we can OEM for you and submit the law of intellectual property rights.
2. Are you a factory?
    Yes, our factory located in Shaoguan city, Guangdong province, China.
3. What is your product warranty?
    The warranty is at least 1-3 years,  free replace battery in the warranty, but, we supply service from start to end
4.Why use Champion battery?
    4.1, 5-10years of service life to save your time, money;
    4.2, Can be stored on open circuit without charging for up to 1years;
    4.3, Can be mounted any side in any position except inverted;
    4.4, no need to add water, drycell design with resealable venting system;
5. How long did Champion manufacture lead acid battery?
     We specialized manufacturing and developing lead acid battery for 15 years.
6. where Champion battery is using?
     Champion batttery is widely used in backup power system such as UPS, fire alarm system, building intercom, elevator emergency evacuation system, emergency lights, electronic products, toy car, parking lock, flashing lights, traffic lights,on grid power,off grid power,inverter system,converter system,AD DC power system, solar and wind power generation system

12v 220AH Solar  Battery for Solar Application 
Solar powered system
Uninterruptible power supplies
Golf cart, Electric vehicle
Electric powered bicycle and wheelchairs
Marine equipment
Communication equipment;
Telecommunication systems

GEL Battery
Size: 520*269*220 MM
Capacity:12V 220AH
Discharge Time:10 (HRS)
Terminal: M8

Weight:62 KG

Competitive Advantage:

  1. Professional and global manufacturer in Sealed lead-acid battery  with over than 15 years experience.
  2. Competitive price with reliable quality.
  3. Fast delivery and leading time.
  4. OEM acceptable but same price

Agm / Gel Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 12v 220ah Vrla Batteries

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